Building Castles

Posted on Posted in 2008, Ministry News

This past week was “Golden Week” here in Japan. A number of national holidays fall right after the other, giving many people an extended vacation. It is an incredibly expensive time to travel, and at the peak, the Bullet Trains run at 160% capacity. So we decided to go local and explore more of our Osaka region.

On Monday we went to Osaka Castle. The outside looks like a traditional castle, but on the inside is a modern museum, complete with elevators. The castle was originally built (and destroyed numerous times throughout its 500 year history) in the late 1500s by Toyotomi Hideyoshi. Toyotomi’s story is interesting because he rose from being born to a peasant family to be one of the most powerful men in Japan’s history.


Visiting the castle caused me to reflect on our legacy as Christ’s witnesses here in Japan. We will leave a monument to ourselves, that people look at with fondness but only visit occasionally? Or will we leave a monument that draws people into an awesome love relationship with Jesus Christ. Of course we wish to leave the later, but we also need to recognize where, in reality, we are doing the former.


So this week we are thinking about living legacies, the ways in which we can impact people that will result in transformation throughout generations. Castles are nice to visit, but who wants to live there? We want to leave love.