Back in Japan

Posted on Posted in 2011, Ministry News

After three months in the US, we are back in Japan. Thank you to everyone who hosted us. We appreciated the opportunity to connect. Our next newsletter will detail more of our time in the US.

We are getting back into the swing of things. The kids took their schoolwork with them to the US, but still need to catch up after missing two-months of school. They have done a great job of jumping back in. Wendi and I have unpacked, sorted, and set-up house again. When we got back, I looked at a bunch of stuff and realized we are saving it for a day that would never come (nope, just not going to read the textbook again type of stuff), so have been culling and pairing down.I like it.

Our English classes have started-up, and I take a trip to Tokyo on Friday to meet with some Japanese laeders and discuss future plans. Looking forward to all that will be happening this fall.

We miss everyone in the US, but it’s great to be home.